Do you know what happens when a technology becomes the consumer’s, darling? You gain a new possibility to follow the wave and develop a marketing strategy with a tool that is already loved by the public. We’re talking about video on demand.

This feature has won Brazilians and will have you have incredible insights to manage your business. Let’s talk about this? Keep reading to learn more and be amazed!

What is video on demand?

It is an interactive multimedia system that allows you to choose a video from a location and watch it in the same way as a DVD movie. This means that you can pause, pause, advance or move forward normally.

Video on demand, as it is known in Portuguese, allows total autonomy for the user. This happens because the person can select what they want to watch and request the transmission of the content at a certain date and time. It’s kind of like having a private rental. A luxury, eh?

What is the difference between live streaming and video on demand?

In fact, it’s pretty much the same thing. The difference is only in the way of transferring the files or sending the signal. All we consume online, ie without the need to download, is streaming.

Video on demand is also streamed with streaming technology. However, not all streams are sent on demand, as there are also videos produced in real time.

How to use video on demand to attract customers

Nowadays, nobody has free time to consume content on a fixed schedule. Everyone wants to have the freedom to choose the quietest time to watch a video without the annoyance of watching commercials.

If you’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurship bug, you must have realized that this behavior represents a great business opportunity. There are many possibilities to use video on demand in your marketing strategy.

For example, when creating a series of films that discuss a topic related to the brand, it is possible to offer information of interest to your audience. This helps build a lasting relationship with him and, at the same time, increases his authority in the subject.

What is already trend in the video on demand system?

Of course, with so much convenience, comfort and practicality in entertainment, it’s time for filmmakers to reinvent themselves. Companies like NetMovies and BlockBuster, for example, offer an on-line delivery service.

This way, the user does not have to face waiting queues or pay fines for exceeding the deadline. To take advantage of the service, you must sign a package that ranges from 15 to 80 reais.

Did you like to know more about video on demand? It’s no wonder that services like Netflix and Spotify are so successful. After all, they cater well to the needs of the demand to do what they want, whenever they wish.

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